3d animation

- Special mentions in ‘Castelli Animati 2003’
- Special mentions in ‘Anima 04’ A Canadian showcase for computer animation

Official Selection
-2003 ‘Animamundi’ International Animation Film Festival, Brazil
-2003 ‘Fantoche’ International Animation Film Festival, Baden, Swiss
-2003 ‘Bitfilm Festival’ Hamburg, Germany
-2003 ‘Dok film Festival’ International Leipzig Festival for Documentary & Animated Film, Leipzig, Germany
-2003 ‘Castelli Animati’ International Animated Film Festival, Genzano, Italy
-2003 ‘Pisaf’ Puchon International Student Animation Festival, Puchon, Korea
-2003 ‘Visioni Italiane’ Bologna, Italy
-2003 ‘Seoul Indievideo Festival’, Seoul, Korea
-2003 ‘Cartoombria’ New Animated Images International Exhibition, Perugia, Italy
-2004 ‘Future Film Festival’ New Technologies in Animation Cinema, Bologna, Italy
-2004 ‘Bifff’ Brussels International Festival of Fantastic Films, Brussels, Belgium
-2004 ‘Anima 04’ A Canadian Showcase for Computer Animation, Montreal, Canada
-2004 ‘Senef’ Seoul Net & Film Festival, Seoul, Korea
-2004 ‘Biff’ Brooklyn International Film Festival, New York, USA
-2004 ‘Arcipelago’ International Festival of Short Films and New Images, Roma, Italy
-2004 ‘Interfilm Berlin’ International Short Film Festival, Berlin, Germany

Selected for screening
-2003 ‘Bellaria Film Festival’ Bellaria, italy
-2004 ‘Anifest’ International Festival of Animated Film, Trebon, Czech Republic
-2004 ‘Jiff 2004’ Jeonju International Film Festival, Jeonju, Korea
-2004 ‘Cartoons on the bay’ International Animated Film Festival, Positano, Italy
-2004 ‘Annecy 2004’ International Animated Film Festival’, Annecy, France
-2004 ‘Korea Film Fest’, Florence, Italy
-2004 ‘Braunschweig International Film Festival’, Braunschweig, Germany